Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a little bit of sewing and a FO

Thanks to Heather's free pattern, I whipped this out last night:

Hello Headband
hello headband 2
I used a couple of scraps of "Flea Market Fancy" fabric from the stash. The pattern is super easy and the finished product is totally fun to wear. I have always liked wearing headbands, but the plastic ones inevitably make my head ache after only a few minutes. The Hello Headband fits a lot more comfortably and doesn't slip off like most fabric headbands. I might have to make a bunch more!

Now, lest you think I've completely abandoned knitting for sewing, here is a FO
blue socks
These lovely socks will be going to my sister in Vegas. She picked the yarn out at the LYS and I told her I'd knit the socks for her. BTW the yarn is Austermann Step (with aloe). (another view here)


Karen said...

Both are very pretty! I really like the socks!

Elspeth said...

The socks are gorgeous!

kimberly said...

Gorgeous socks and fab pictures!!