Tuesday, August 15, 2006

old photos, new photos, and acquisition

I was trolling my harddrive this afternoon and came up with this photo I shot last year. I had just gotten a new lense for my camera and we went down to Old Town San Juan so I could play.

And just so Monkey Boy doesn't get left out- a photo of him around the same time.
Amazing how much he's grown, isn't it?

Our local movie theatre shows free movies for kids a couple of times a month, and today was one of the 'free" days so I decided to take the boys. It was Monkey Boy's first movie ever so I didn't know how he'd do.

Unfortunately the theatre was PACKED. We walked in 15 minutes early and there were almost no seats available. Single seats were scattered here and there throughout the theatre, but I couldn't but Little Man in one of those and sit in another because they were too far apart. Luckily my neighbor and her son were there and they had two seats together. We ended up sitting with them- five of us in two seats! LOL Somehow we made it work and it wasn't too bad after all.

Monkey Boy did pretty good for a 20month old; we only had to leave the theatre once, about halfway thru the movie. My neighbor stayed with Little Man while I took MB out to the lobby. After playing with the video games for 10 minutes, he was ready to go back in. Here we are at the end of the movie:
first time at the movies

(I think Monkey Boy liked the big bag of popcorn the best)

Now, on the subject of acquisition, I had a chance to browse through Amy Butler's new book, In Stitches, today and loved it. Thanks to the Amazon Elves, it will be on the way to my house shortly. Yay!

Oh, and thank you for the nice comments regarding my blog re-decorating. Nice to know that people do read this thing. :)