Monday, August 21, 2006

WIP and a little art

My Little Lacy Top continues to grow. I'm well into the stockinette portion of the bodice and will soon split to work the armholes/arms. I've already added an inch to the lace in hopes that the top will actually cover my stomach. Now I'm seriously considering some short rows over the bust for a better fit. The LLT has become my 'movie knitting' since it's currently so mindless (miles and miles of stockinette in the round). Last night the Dearest and I watched "Inside Man", which was pretty enjoyable and provided plenty of time to work on the LLT.

Our babysitter has recently returned from her vacation, so I had some time to shop by myself last Friday. I hit a couple of thrift stores (found nothing, yuck) and also stopped by Tuesday Morning to buy a birthday present for a friend. Swinging by the crafty aisle netted me these nice birch knitting needles for only $4 a set. Woo hoo! Nothing like some kid-free shopping and a great bargain to make a momma feel happy happy happy.

And today there was this:
We haven't taken out the paint and glitter glue for a while so we pulled everything out and Little Man went to town. Even Monkey Boy got into the act and a fun time was had by all.