Thursday, August 10, 2006

log cabin & crib bag

I've discovered a way to do minor sewing while Monkey Boy is awake. I put the sewing machine on our center island, iron on a towel spread out next to the sink, and do any cutting on our kitchen table. MB can still reach the sewing machine, but he can't stick his finger into the moving parts so it works.

Using this crazy setup, I was able to make a small bag to hang in MB's crib. I wanted something to hang on the side of the crib for books and toys.
MB's new crib bagMB's new crib bag

I can't remember where I got the outer fabric from- it's a very lightweight corduroy. The lining is some 99cents/yard clearance fabric. MB helped me hang it up:

And here's my finished Log Cabin quilt...
finished my first log cabin quilt

All the piecing together was a pain in the patoot, but I love the way it turned out. Here's the back: backing
I"m glad to have another sewing FO- now onto another tote for myself!


Lynda said...

Oh my goodness - your quilt is stunning! Love the picture of Monkeyboy, too!

Karen said...

Oh, your quilt is beautiful! It really came out nice. I love the colors!

Leigh said...

Cute! I love the log cabin's colors.

Now, how do you keep the boys from stomping on you sewing machine pedal?

Jessica said...

Your quilt is a total knockout! Great job.

Anonymous said...

The colors are so tropical and refreshing! It has inspired me to make a small quilt for my neighbor's soon-to-be baby.

Is the pattern hard? Did it take a lot of yardage?