Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday Randomness

We went to the farm again today; the boys had a lot of fun running around in the avocado orchard and playing in the huge vegetable garden. But before any of that could happen, we had to visit the chicken coop:

some little boy fingers to munch
Do chickens like little boy fingers?
boy watching the chickens watching the boy
Still life: boy watching chickens watching the boy

Plus there was this to melt a momma's heart (especially since it was totally MB's idea):

Let's all say it together: 'aaaaaawwwwwww!'

Now onto randomness:

-Thanks for the commiserations and comments on the last post. It's always nice to hear that I'm not the only mom who has been puked upon!

-My 'beginners log cabin' quilt is finished. I washed it last night in preparation for a photoshoot this morning, but since we were at the farm all day I missed the light. I'm going to try for a shoot tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics to post then.

-My pal Hoover has caused me to become obsessed with clean carpets. I spend all day scheming about the best time to clean the carpet in a room (since the carpet can't be walked on for a few hours afterwards). The stairs are my Holy Grail right now.

-Gabriel, who owns the farm we visited today, insisted on taking the Dearest, the boys, and me out to lunch. We ended up going to the local golf course and visiting the 'clubhouse' to enjoy a quick meal. As soon as we sat down was asked for a high chair for Monkey Boy. The waiter said it would be out shortly. Ten minutes later, MB was still crawling all over the Dearest's lap, spilling ice water on him and we were still sans high chair. Ten minutes after that, the food was served and I quipped "What are they doing, making a high chair for us?!". About five minutes later (while the Dearest was struggling to eat his roast beef sandwhich with a 20 month old MB in his lap), the bus boy arrived with a brand new high chair. I had been right: they were putting the high chair together. It must have come straight ouf the box because it was so new it still smelled like plastic! The Dearest and I had a laugh over the visual of the poor sod who had to put it together in the back while we waited impatiently. I guess the country club doesn't get many children!

-Monkey Boy does a pretty damn good imitation of a rooster.

-Homemade iced coffee is my drink of choice lately. YUM

-I got an email asking about Chelle's baby blanket and realized that I hadn't posted a FO report. So here it is-
FO Report: Chelle's Baby Blanket, v.2
Yarn: Shine Sport from Knitpicks in multiple colors
Comments: The blanet started out as squares knitted by several different people. Then Joyce and I got together to seam it, which turned out to be a total bear. We just couldn't get the seaming to look good no matter what we tried. In the end, we ripped all the squares and started over. Joyce took the yarn home and made up her own pattern...basically 10rows of garter in cream Shine, then each square was knitted up and placed on stitch holders. She did the squares in columns, adding 4 rows of garter stitch in more cream Shine between each square. Each column was separated by a row of three garter stitches in cream. She finished half the blanket and gave it to me. I did the other half.

We're both really happy with the way the blanket turned out. My only regret is that it took me so damn long to get it done!


Lynda said...

What a great post - all of it. I LOVE that 3rd "ahhhhhhhh" picture! - and the high chair story!