Sunday, November 05, 2006

aren't i the crafty one?

another necklace

Well, I can be supa crafty if I get into the right groove. It seems like I'm currently in a necklace/beading groove. This is my newest necklace, made with all the colors of Fall. The boys helped me with the beading- Monkey Boy would pick up my needlenose pliers very time I laid them down. Then he'd try picking up spare beads, poking holes in my bedspread with every try. Little Man took all my headpins and twisted them into spirals or pretzel shapes. Those boys are oh. so. helpful.

The finished product is quite pretty, I think. Not sure if it was worth all the cussing under my breath as I wrested the pliers from MB or untwisted another headpin. Give me a couple of days of wearing it and we'll see.

In other news, poor Little Man has come down with a nasty cold. He laid abed all day Saturday- very unusual for him. Even when he's sick, LM likes to run about and play. But all he did yesterday was go from bed to couch to beanbag chair. He even fell asleep while we were watching videos. He has a low fever (about 101F) and is generally tired and grumpy. I waited till bedtime to give him some Motrin to lower his temp and let him sleep better. Hopefully between the fever doing its work, lots of Airborne, Zicam and rest, he'll feel better soon. I hate when my babes are sick. :(


kimberly said...

Oh I know how you feel-Alida has been sick for a week now and is just starting to feel a bit better. I hope the little man gets better soon.