Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a space to work, a space to play

new workspace

I long for a dedicated crafty spot in our home.

Each of our four bedrooms is taken- Little Man and Monkey Boy each have their own room. The Dearest and I share the master bedroom and the small fourth room, which we use as an office. It's supposed to be the Dearest's office, but since I have nowhere else to put my computer and photography stuff, he's stuck with me invading his space.

A lot of people I know use their formal dining rooms for sewing and crafting. Unfortunately we don't have a formal dining area. So I'm relegated to using the kitchen table. Not the best circumstance since that means projects can't be left out more than a couple of hours. Plus my small men constantly roam the kitchen, making it difficult to find a solid chunk of crafting time.

The Dearest has suggested having them share Little Man's room so I could set up Monkey Boy's room into a crafting/sewing area. At first I thought it was a wonderful idea- but then I realized that there were a lot of small issues with the boys sharing a room. Monkey Boy still naps and Little Man doesn't....BIG issue. If they shared a room, it would be impossible to get MB down for nap because LM still has "quiet time" where he plays in his room for an hour in the afternoon. This gives me an hour of boy-free time every day. I'm not sure a crafty room is worth giving that hour up!

Finally I decided that we had enough space in the masterbedroom for a small desk and some shelves. If I can't get a whole room for crafting, at least I can consolidate all my stuff into one spot so I'm not running all over looking for things when I want to do a project. We already had the small desk & I bought a shelving unit to fit under our window.

The last few days have been spent organizing crafty stuff. Not everything will fit in our yarn stash is way too huge to be corraled into one shelf. But I managed to get most of my fabric and sewing stuff together. My sewing machine is now on top of the desk instead of lurking in the garage getting cobwebby. It's not anywhere near as lovely as some other workspaces in the blogsphere....but I'll take what I can get.


Ween said...

I have the same dreams as you! Those studios are amazing. Some day, some day I will have a whole room! I used to wish for a sewing room, but now that I'm addicted to yarn it will be a fibre room. I have a storage unit with boxes and boxes of material, patterns, and notitions. My yarn is stashed in a huge rubbermaid container in the corner. And my sewing machine and cabinet, just look like a desk off in a nook in the living room. No place to spread out, no place to have everything nicely displayed. sigh, some day...

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering taking over our front "parlor". It's 8 x 9 feet, and is never used. Sell the couch, buy one comfy knitting chair and some nice shelves and baskets, viola!

Now if DH can just get a job.....