Wednesday, November 01, 2006




A post a day for the entire month? Well, I'll try and we'll see what happens....and here's the first post! :)

two page LO
Another layout done. This is a two page can see the individual pics here and here. It's funny, I have sooo much background 'paper' for my digiscrapping and I find that I like plain white space the most. When I use too much pattern I feel it's disctracting and you don't see the photos. Even when I paper scrapbooked, I used a lot of single color backgrounds.

This LO took some tweaking before I was finally happy. For a while I had a blue background and it just didn't look right. Once I went back to plain white (with a light spattering of custom shapes), I was much happier.


Janet said...

yes, it will be interesting to see what happens(I've added you to my special NaBloMoPo list to check in on) but everyday, eek what have I gotten myself into!

love your holoween costumes, it isn't a big thing here which is a bit of a pity because all the littlies look so cute and it looks like fun.