Wednesday, November 15, 2006

random wednesday

-Monkey Boy woke up from his nap on Monday afternoon with a fever. Since we have a crappy digital thermometer (the kind that stick into orfices), I didn't know how high it was...just that he was very hot and quite pink cheeked. He ran around all afternoon despite the fever. Then the Dearest was carrying him to the table for dinner when I heard the Dearest say "Oh- ohohohoh!" I turned around to see Monkey Boy upchucking all over daddy's shirt. Oops. We got both guys cleaned up and Monkey Boy was all better by the next morning. That'll teach me to feed the boys McDonalds. Sheesh.

-Last night's dinner was braised short ribs from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. It was absolutely delicious and my house still smells like parsnips and beef stew. But in a good way!

-I finally got my Winter issue of IK. Love it. Can't wait to make stuff out of it. Love it.

-Yesterday was our first Parent-Teacher conference with Little Man's teacher. I still can't believe that LM is old enough to have a teacher and be in school (even if it's just preschool). I had no idea what to expect, but it went well. The teacher told me that LM is very kind and sensitive and loves to play Legos. His favorite activity in the school day is going to chapel. I'm just glad LM is doing well and adjusting to all the other kids.

-PSA: As a public service announcement, I'd like to remind you NOT to stand up and crack your head on the corner of an open cabinet door while trying to unload the dishwasher. It hurts. It still hurts and it's been three days.

-PSA2 (and a little vent aimed at no one in particular): some consider it 'artistic' to tilt the camera when photographing portraits. This doesn't apply when 99% of your shots are tilted. Then it just looks like either your tripod screws are stripped, or you have diffculty keeping your balance with the weight of the huge fancy lense on your huge fancy camera. Keeping the horizon level- try it, you might like it (and your viewers might stop needing dramamine).

and that's it for random wednesday.....join us tomorrow as I attempt to come up with a more coherent and less snarky blog post.