Thursday, November 16, 2006

recap and a question

Yesterday was a busy day.

The boys and I went to the local dept. store to buy a new mattress pad for the Dearest's & my bed. The old foam pad had completely fallen apart after a couple of years so I tossed it. But for the past three nights I've slept very poorly because our mattress is too hard without the pad. Ever since my first pregnancy, my hips hurt if I sleep on a hard surface. So I was tossing and turning and not getting much sleep- hence the emergency trip to the dept. store.

The small men were extremely well behaved and I managed to not only get the foam pad (we upgraded to one of those temper-pedic type models), but they were having a great 1/2 off sale on toys so I did our Christmas shopping as well. Now I have all their gifts for Christmas, yay! Little Man was sufficiently distracted by the other toys to miss me sliding stuff into the cart. It was no mean trick to get the stuff paid for, but the cashier was totally understanding and hid everything behind the counter so the kids wouldn't see it. Then she double bagged it all so the packages weren't visible thru the bags. Nice lady.

After the store we came home, tucked into a quickie lunch of leftover Chinese food and rushed to get ready for school. It was my day to be carpool mom, so we loaded everyone up and headed down to school.

Then it was back home, where Monkey Boy went down for his nap. I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen and stashing the toys. The Dearest came home early and we decided to go to Disneyland after Little Man got home from school.

Monkey Boy was still napping when it was pickup time, so I left him at home with the Dearest and went to pick up the kids. We came home, emptied out the funbus and re-loaded in preparation for Dland.

Got stuck in traffic on the way, since it was already 3:30 when we left our house. Normally it takes about 35minutes to get to Disneyland from our house. This time it took about 50 minutes. But the boys were happy eating a milk & cookie snack so it was all good.

Disneyland was a little more crowded than we expected for so late. But I guess lots of people come to see the lights and decorations that they put up at Christmas. We still managed to do the boys' favorites: the Teacups and the Rocket Ride. We also went on the Haunted Mansion. This is the first time I've seen it all dressed up- they do a "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme and it's really cute. I liked it much better than the usual Haunted Mansion.

Then the Dearest talked me into the Enchanted Tiki Room, which I haven't seen in about 30 years! The boys got a kick out of it- Monkey Boy danced to the music and laughed at the birds.

Finally we headed on home- with a stop at our favorite sushi place since it was on the way home. The kids were great and ate tons. It was already past their bedtime so I was surprised at how well they managed. Both of them crashed on the way home.

Whew, busy day!

And this then morning Monkey Boy woke up with a lovely snotty nose to match his brothers. Blech. Oh well, it's their first cold this season so I can't complain too much. Especially since LittleMan is exposed to all sorts of nasties at preschool. *

*on that note- what do you all think of flu shots? we normally don't get them (we are delayed/selective vaccinators)...but with LM in preschool i am re-thinking my position on the flu shot. in the past i've gotten the flu shot and still managed to come down with an awful case of the real flu. i was in bed for nearly two weeks. this was during a time i got flu shots every year cuz my work gave them for free. i haven't had the flu shot since then because i figured they don't work well. but....with LM getting all those nasty germies....i dunno if we should have the shots or not....anyone care to weigh in?


Beck said...

Well I don't have kids so I don't have an opinion on that, but for you - I heard that even if you have the flu shot you can get the flu but it's a different strain. I get it and I've never had the flu when I do. I guess it's a hit and miss thing. I get it because I'd rather not take the chance of getting knocked out with a bad case.

amanda said...

I had the flu shot twice and was so miserably ill for the days following I don't think I'll be doing it again soon. And the last 2 years my ped has encouraged flu shots for the kids (the Princess was in prek last year) but I opted against. We've yet to have the flu and I'm grateful. As far as my might sound silly but it just doesn't feel right or sit well with me. We're pretty picky about vaccinations though and have put off the chicken pox one indefinetly for all three. I mean, aren't the chicken pox a normal part of childhood?

Leigh said...

I think its probably better just to get the flu if you have a healthy immune system.

Also, I read some where that flu shots are still using mercury as preservative. I'm not sure if that's all flu shots or that some are allowed to. If you think you might get them, I'd ask about that point.

mamma said...

I'm not a fan of the flue shot. They make an educated guess on what strain or two will be big this year and vaccinate against that. But that doesn't come close to getting all the strains that come out or the mutated versions. To be crude it's a crapshoot as to whether or not it will work. I know some reactions to the flu can be severe in small children with certain risk factors, but overall if your children are healthy and you don't allow them exposure to some bugs they will never fully develope their immune system. So I don't do. But I respect the right of others to make a different choice for their children.

Jan said...

I don't do flu shots because they have made me sick as heck before. The kids have had most of their vax, not chicken pox though.

Can you believe they are encouraging the new vax against the germ that causes cervical cancer.......for 6 year olds......

I too belive that healthy kids need exposure to germs to build up the immune system for later.

Maryellen said...

We've never done the flu shot. We all came down with a nasty case of the flu one December in My older daughter's second year of preschool. It was pretty bad but the girls bounced back farirly quickly. In Illinois the shot is always in short supply so even if I wanted to it would be a tough thing. Both my daughters had many colds while in preschool but now that their in real school they seem to be really healthy and miss very few days.