Thursday, November 23, 2006

thankful thursday

Thankful for:
the Dearest, who
- always listens to my rants sympathetically
- is a wonderful father
- still makes my knees weak when we kiss
- doesn't laugh when I say I'm going to cover the funbus with hippie flower stickers (ok, maybe he laughed a little)

the small men, who
- keep me on my toes by making me laugh every day
- drive me nutso some days (but that's ok, too)
- let me see the world through innocent eyes
- taught me to let go and get dirty
- give me perspective about what's really important in life

other things, I'm thankful for:
- having a healthy Dearest, healthy small men and being healthy myself. Good health is seriously underrated and a huge blessing.
- the ability to be creative in many ways
- the lovely bloggers I've 'met' in the blogsphere
- good friends
- my lovely sis and her hubby (I wish they'd move back here, tho)
- family (even when they're aggravating)
- pumpkin pie with whipped cream
- a cool oven that allowed me to sleep all night as our hugemongus turkey cooked- I woke up this morning and that bird is perfectly done. Woot!

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!