Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bad mommy

Little Man's hair is getting long. The Dearest keeps asking me when I am going to get it cut, but LM looks so cute with it all shaggy. He is getting quite the surfer look, dontcha think?

We went to the park today with some friends. The boys had a lot of fun- I had to chase Monkey Boy all over the place because he insisted on playing on the big kids' structure instead of the safer little kids' playground. Of course MB had to do everything big brother is doing. At one point he was running all out across a grassy field. I saw him running down the slope and thought "Oh crap, that boy is reaching terminal velocity!" and sure enough he fell flat on his face. He got up crying and I had to laugh because he managed to get grass in his teeth, up his nose and all over his face. Poor kid- here he is trying to cough up a grassy hairball and I'm laughing at him. I'm sure he'll be in therapy later over it.

And along the lines of 'bad mommy'- check out Carmen's post and the ensuing comments- they are hilarious!


Liz K. said...

I'm glad this re-pinged, because I meant to comment earlier and say that your laughter will keep him OUT of therapy in the future! You taught him that falling is no big deal, that you pick yourself back up and move on. And that sometimes, falling is funny!

Think about how children learn, first concrete, then abstract.

Now think about the times he will fail in his life. He still knows to get back up, that it is no big deal, and sometimes, its funny!

I think this is a great mother moment for you. Freaking out every time your kid falls over gives them a complex.