Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas traditions

We are in the process of digging out all the Christmas decorations this weekend. Every year we put up the lights and pull out the tree right after Thanksgiving. It's one of our Christmas traditions.

When I was a lil'un, we lived overseas, following my dad in his job for a multi-national company. We moved all over the sis and I were both born in Vietnam, but by the time I was 5 we had lived in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Germany & the States. There were several brief stop overs (where we only stayed in apartments for a few weeks/months) in other countries as well. So we didn't have much in the way of family traditions during the holidays. I know my parents always put up a tree, but it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you live in a Muslim country and no one else is celebrating.

One year my parents and some other ex-pats somehow got ahold of a Santa suit and threw all the small ones a Santa party. So we all got small favor bags and got to sit in Santa's lap. It was the first time I'd seen Santa in person and I remember it very vividly: he seemed so BIG! And HAIRY! And LOUD! I know why a lot of children freak out when they meet Santa for the first time.

When we finally settled in the States, it became a family tradition to take my sis and I to the mall for Santa photos. I have a whole series of photos I wanted to show today, but my scanner decided to quit working on me so I guess y'all will have to wait for the lovely circa 70s Santa shots. :)

After I had Little Man, I decided I wanted to start our family tradition and take him to meet Santa too. Since my scanner died on me, here are the two photos I already have on my harddrive....

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2005

The second photo is one of my favorites. Little Man *never* cried when meeting Santa...but Monkey Boy really did not want to sit in Santa's lap last year. I'm going to take the boys to take Santa photos this week sometime to continue our Christmas tradition. What are the chances that we'll get a smiley photo from Monkey Boy?

What small traditions do you have?


Anonymous said...

Here in Burbank, we have a light show in the park that you can walk or drive. We ALWAYS walk it, since before the kids came along.

We have a friend who is the Santa in a big mall but we never go! 1) too busy; 2) too long a line; 3) too far; 3) kids didn't want to have anything to do with Santa's lap for AGES; 4) what do you do when Santa is a family friend in a costume!!!??

Anonymous said...

We go to the beach on Christmas day. Something you can do when you live in the OC...

Soccergal96 said...

At your house we watch the grinch on christmas eva!!!!

soccergal96 said...

On christmas eve we watch the grinch !!!!!