Tuesday, November 21, 2006

to the beach, to the beach

It was so warm yesterday (90F!) that I decided to take the boys to the beach to play in the water and watch the sun set. We were trying to get out of the house around 3:30pm, but due to several domestic slow-downs (Little Man fell on the stairs, Monkey Boy wanted to watch Wubbzy after his nap), we didn't get going till nearly 4:15pm.

That meant that by the time we arrived at the beach, the sun was already setting. In fact it slid behind Catalina Island just as we walked out of the parking structure. It was still warmish, but the typical beach dampness made everything a bit sticky. I decided that since we were there, we might as well get a little wet.

The small men needed very little encouragement to start wave dancing:

wave dancing

Despite the coolness of the air, the water was pretty warm. Not warm enough to enjoy a long swim, but perfect for dunking our feet. Monkey Boy is always a challenge at the beach; he doesn't really have a fear of the waves and will chase the water as it recedes. Then he gets clobbered when the waves come back up the beach.

Last night the tide was pretty low so there wasn't much wave action going. We played in the water (Little Man said it made his foot feel much better after his stair-tumble earlier) for a while. Then Monkey Boy discovered that throwing rocks in the water is more fun than chasing the waves.

Then I got this shot:
moments before the dunking
About two seconds later, Monkey Boy managed to run down the beach, trip over the only rock within 300 feet of coastline and fall face first into the sand. While I was busy running after him and attempting to stuff my camera back into my bag, a wave soaked him from head to toe and filled his mouth with seawater. I got to him a second later and picked him up; the poor babe was completely wet, covered in sand and quite upset.

I managed to get him out of his sandy/wet outfit and we stayed for a few more minutes. Eventually he calmed down enough to demand "More beach!". Typical- the child has no fear.

It was nearly full dark by the time we left, all of us damp from the sea air and smelling beach-y. If the weather holds, we will go back very soon for more wave-dancing.


Janet said...

I love these photos! As well as the beautiful light, it looks like your little men are having such fun. It's a bit funny the way that it can be all sobs and howls one moment and then back to it the next. I often want the comforting bit to go on longer than Grace does.

I think we are such stars for posting everyday. Really. :)