Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FO Report

Well I finally did finish my final pair of Socktoberfest socks.....

socktoberfest socks #3, on the model

FO Report:
Started 10/15/06, finished 11/02/06
Tiger Stripe Socks for Little Man
yarn- Opal Tiger
needles- 4 Clover DPNs, size US1
pattern- my own cuff-down sock for little people. CO 52sts, knit in 1x1 rib for about an inch. Knit the rest of the sock in stockinette. Slipstitch heel.
notes- these socks should have taken me no time at all, but I misjudged how much LM has grown. I ended up having to rip out the first try at these socks and starting over. The original sock only had 42sts....it wouldn't even fit over LM's ankle. Bumping the stitch count to 52sts worked much better. In the future, the kids' socks will be made with some type of ribbing. I think they fit more nicely and stay up better if the socks are ribbed.

Little Man is supremely happy with his "tiger stripey" socks. He insisted on wearing them out yesterday even though it was 90F at noon!

And *what* is with the weather in So.Cal.? Yesterday was insanely hot- we even had to run the A/C all day. It's NOVEMBER, people! I'm supposed to be wearing sweaters, not tank tops!


Leigh said...

Sweaters are needed over here--we've already had frost!

Cute tiger socks!

Anonymous said...

They are cute! I guess that's the bad part of knitting for kids; it's fast. But too small too soon!