Monday, November 20, 2006

Santa and the pirates

Every year the local commuter train does a special Christmas run called the Holiday Express. They deck the train out in tons of lights (50,000+ to be exact) , bring out Santa and do a short musical show. The train stops at three or four different stations so you can bring the kiddies and watch the show. It's all a way to bring people together so they will donate unwrapped gifts for needy children.

Last night we decided to go watch the Holiday Express for the first time. Monkey Boy has been really fascinated by trains lately so I thought he'd really enjoy it. We planned to go to the San Juan Capistrano station early and have dinner at Ruby's Diner. Unfortunately everyone else decided the same thing and there was a 35 minute wait at the Diner. So we ended up eating at the Sundried Tomato Cafe, which was yummier and a lot quieter.

Then it was off to see the train. There was quite the crowd of people; here's our little group waiting patiently:

Santa shyA & Daddy
Little Man; Cousin A & her Daddy

Monkey Boy is transfixed by the train

And a video of the train arriving:

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There's another short video of the show here if you want to see it.

The small men really enjoyed it. Seeing the wonder on their faces really brings home the Christmas spirit. It's so easy to forget about that when you are rushing around trying to get the holiday stuff done. But since we've had children and especially since Little Man has started understanding more about Christmas, this time of year has been a lot more fun for me.

They both got to meet Santa afterwards, though Little Man decided he was going to be shy and hid in my shoulder. Monkey Boy didn't cry, so maybe this year we will get a smiley picture with Santa.

A few candy canes later, we were home and putting the small men to bed sans bath since it was so late. We'll definitely have to go again next year.