Wednesday, November 22, 2006

day before turkeyday posting

I have a 24lb turkey relaxing in the bottom of my fridge.

24lbs of bird for 4 adults and two children. How did that happen? (blame it on the great price for fresh turkeys at the local big box discounter- the smallest bird there was 24lbs!)

so the plan today:
-set up the cooler with ice water and brine solution so the turkey can soak all day (we're cooking it overnight so it'll be ready in the morning tomorrow)
-lunch with my dad and the small men to celebrate my dad's birthday.
-cleaning up the house in preparation for the guests tomorrow
-laundry duty
-eating more pumpkin pie

Maybe I should move the 'eating pumpkin pie' to the top of the list so my day goes better.

And here are some shots from our trip to Dland last week:

the rockets
small world all dressed up for xmas


Carla said...

Hey, it could be worse! My sister is cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner ever. She purchased a THIRTY POUND turkey. Wanna know how many people shes cooking for? Herself and her husband.. never mind the 8 month old baby who isn't eating solids yet ;) I see lots of turkey salad in her future!

Christie said...

Pie should always be at the top of the list, are you kidding?

Woolfairy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I remember when my mother would search for the largest turkey in the store and the biggest she ever got was 27 lbs. Weird. I feel so inadequate with my 12.5 pounder. Bet I spent more though. Darn kosher meat...