Sunday, November 12, 2006

beachy shoot

Christmas is only 40-ish days away and I still don't have our cards done. I've been wracking my brain to come up with something fun for the front of the cards, but really haven't found anything that I love yet.

Yesterday started out a little cloudy- perfect for beach shooting- so the Dearest and I wrangled the boys into the car and headed down to the beach. Of course once we got there, the sun came out again. *sigh* Harsh overhead light is not the exactly the most flattering.

I didn't have anything in mind- just let the small men run about and shot as they were doing their thing. Not really happy with the finished photos. They are nice, but not what I was looking for if I want to use them our Christmas cards. It doesn't help that I don't really have any idea what kind of card I want to make.

Got some cute shots, tho (click for larger images):

arms up!
all my men

I'm going to try again at a different location. Maybe a new place will give me some new ideas...the 'beachy Christmas card' is so done. At least I didn't dress everyone in matching white shirts and khakis.

The beach was deserted due to it being the off season and a little cloudy. One of my photog pals had mentioned that she did a shot recently where the beach was so crazy with other photographers that she literally was running from spot to spot with the clients, trying to get a shot before someone else got into the frame. There are a couple of local spots that are super popular for beach sessions (I see the same arch in at least two or three Christmas cards every year), and I knew to avoid those. So the little beach we went to was quiet and lovely and the small men had fun running around throwing sand & rocks into the water.


Elspeth said...

What great shots! I hate to steal your idea but I always get wintery stuff for my kids' Christmas card pictures (I think it's funny since we live in CA), but maybe this year it's time for Hawaiian shirts! We can even go to our overcast, cold and cloudy San Francisco beaches to take the shots!