Thursday, November 02, 2006

love thursday


fast moving boy
boys who move too fast to be photographed

La Fondue
"La Fondue" and fondue in general. Much yumminess!

-Monkey Boy's chatter:
"baw-bai"- brother
"shaneee"- Shane
"elw-bow"- elbow
"oopsie-daasee"- oopsie daisy
"tweekie-tweet"- trick or treat

- Pandora

- homemade beer and cheese soup with fresh bread

- In N Out burgers

- the sound of the furnace kicking on for the first time this winter

- crisp fall days

- finally being able to wear some sweaters!

cloud machine
the joy of discovery


amanda said...

mmmm....fondue! i love fondue. and pandora too! i'm so happy i stumbled upon it and i've been groovin ever since!