Saturday, November 18, 2006

one sock at a time

Believe it or not, I *have* been knitting. There are four large projects in my knitting basket right now- a jacket, two sweaters and a child's sweater. Unfortunately I haven't been knitting on any of those at all.

The jacket is stalled because I am debating on how I want to knit the front. It's a chevron striped pattern involving many color & yarn changes. The back is finished but I'm dreading weaving in all those ends. Then I started on the right front of the jacket and realized that not only would I have a ton of ends to weave in (x2 because there are two front pieces), it would be difficult to match up the stripes. So I'm thinking of knitting the front pieces together and steeking the resulting panel to create the two separate fronts. I'm kind of stuck tho- not sure if I should knit the whole piece in a tube, or if I can knit it flat and still steek. What I need to do is make a swatch and try it out....dunno if that's going to happen any time soon because I so dislike making swatches. Here's a glimpse of the back:

Chevron Jacket

The other two sweaters are also stalled- one is just slow going (sportweight yarn on US3 needles) and the other is up to the neck shaping. It's not going anywhere because I have to recalculate the shaping myself due to modifying the pattern.

So what *have* I been knitting on? Socks. Kids' socks to be exact. I just finished a new sock for Little Man yesterday afternoon and cast on for sock #2. Next will be a pair of socks for Monkey Boy. Kids' socks are great because they are mindless and go so quickly. I haven't been feeling very good the past couple of days- I'm fighting off the nasty cold the boys have with lots of Airborne, Zicam and echinecea. So socks are the project of the moment.